Yu-Gi-Oh!! The Lost Episodes???

Yu-Gi-Oh!! is one of our favorite animes of all time! We grew up watching Yugi and the gang team up duel it out against an endless stream of opponents! But did you know that there is a Season Zero??? You might remember that Yugi was also called the King of Games, but if you grew up watching the Americanized release like we did, you never really knew why he was so great, but season Zero shows us why!hqdefault


遊☆戯☆王 Yūgiō  aka “Yugioh! King of Games” featured 27 episodes that more closely followed the manga than the second season. Originally Yugi would challenge delinquents, criminals, and trouble makers to a “Game” that Yugi would out skill his opponents in. The bad guys usually tried to cheat, and Yugi would then “punish” them with his Mystical Millennium powers.



If you read the original, manga, it all makes much more sense. Season Zero was never licensed outside of Japan, but you can still find it on certain streaming sites. you can watch a clip from the series here:

This season is definitely a lot darker and edgier than the one we grew up with, but we highly encourage you to check ou the Manga, which is even more mature and violent!
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