5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Digimon!

90’s kids will remember how popular Digimon was at the start of the new millennium. However, some of you are probably not aware that there have been recent releases of Digimon Tri in the form of six movies. Digimon Tri is a follow-up to the first two seasons of the anime series. Due to its big popularity, we decided to do a little research on Digimon and find some interesting facts stuff that you probably didn’t know.

 1. Digimon is owned by Bandai.

Have you ever thought that Digimon is similar to Tamagotchi? Yeah, they are pretty much the same thing because both are owned by Bandai! Digimon started out as a digital pet similar to Tamagotchi and it was mainly marketed towards boys.

2. Digimon was more popular than Pokemon.

For a short period of time, Digimon series was actually more popular than Pokemon series but only in America. Apparently, back in May of 2000, Digimon took the first place in Nielsen ratings as the most watched television program of children aged 2-11. Even though it was a short-lived success, we can say that this was a great achievement for the franchise!

Digimon may have caught flack due to obvious similarities between two series but Digimon has certainly proven itself as far more than a cheap knockoff, even rivaling, for a time, the incredible juggernaut that is Pokemon. If it wasn’t for Pokemon’s fantastic games, we’re sure Digimon would have been the dominant anime!

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