Possible Replacement of Hunter x Hunter???

You are all very well aware that Hunter x Hunter series is on hiatus for quite some time. Due to enormous popularity and neediness of its fans for more chapters there have been many rumors that Hunter x Hunter author, Yoshihiro Togashi, could be fired or replaced by another author pretty soon.

Recent reports reveal that the franchise’s producers tapped Tokyo Ghoul’s author, Ishida Sui, as a possible replacement. 

According to Fabnewz‘s reports, producers of the Hunter x Hunter manga and anime series have gone desperate in continuing Hunter x Hunter. According to the outlet, Ishida Sui had been tapped to replace Yoshihiro Togashi. Despite previous updates claiming that Togashi had been spotted healthy, rumors suggest that he might no longer be able to return as the manga’s main artist.

You are all probably now thinking, why is he no longer the main artist? It is his manga, right? Well,  iTechPost‘s sources claim that Yoshihiro Togashi “was forced to give up his rights to the franchise.” This news follows reports revealing that the manga’s editors had grown curious of the Tokyo Ghoul creator’s version of Hisoka. It can be recalled Ishida expressed his admiration for both the series and the said character. Yoshihiro Togashi even allowed him to draw his own colored version of the popular anti-hero.

Резултат слика за ishida sui hisoka

Unfortunately, the outlet clarifies that it is unlikely for Ishida Sui to take over the Hunter x Hunter manga. An excerpt from the article reads:

“Ishida Sui has a full plate right now. He is currently facing intense workload with his Tokyo Ghoul franchise and fans are getting impatient waiting for its release.”

Having Ishida Sui as the new mangaka for Hunter x Hunter sounds awesome to us. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions who would be even better for this job? Let us know in the comments section below!