Mystic Messenger: Game Review

My phone has been buzzing as I was about to go to school and this lets me know that a new chat is open. Yoosung, a Korean student in college, who loves online gaming, and a guy named Seven. Seven is a hacker, who made this strange application. There’s a lot of variety in the stories that play out across the game. Yoosung has been sad with the death of his beloved cousin. Jumin is a businessman and loves cats. Jaehee is a career woman working under Jumin; who might not be happy where she is. And there’s Zen, a model and actor who, like many Asian pop stars, is forbidden from relationships.

I love my life in the world of Mystic Messenger,  its a  iOS and Android app that has gone viral on the internet. The genre word “otome” is Japanese for “maiden,” and the games are targeted towards women. Otome games are visual novel adventures with a strong romantic story: the men you interact with are attractive, and through your choices, you can win one of their hearts in a virtual relationship. Branching paths and multiple decision points that give you different endings with some good and some bad.

The game premise is that a mysterious app has appeared on your device, where an unknown person gives you directions to an apartment. Suddenly, you find yourself thrust into the chats of a private group. In the game, you’ll get texts, chats, emails, and even phone calls from the characters, where you’ll be able to respond and interact with them through multiple-choice responses. How you interact with each character can earn you affection and determines which direction both the story and your romance life takes.

Have you played Mystic Messanger? Who was your favorite guy? Let us know in the comments section below!