9 Useless Anime Guys

These guys might as well have stayed home.  You might be surprised with who we included on the list! Some are side characters, but there a couple of protagonists too!

#1 Armin Arlert (Attack on Titan)

Armin was shown to be weak, but he is smart and is able to think up suitable tactics to survive, then again he spends most of his time having mental breakdowns on the battlefield. His best moment so far was when the fearful soldiers wanted to kill Eren, Armin gives a somewhat of a kind of speech and bangs his fist on his chest. We’re surprised he hasn’t been eaten yet.

#2 Ash Ketchum ( Pokemon)

Ash is the only guy who has a level 100 Pikachu and loses to a level 5 Treeko.  He’s the only guy in the world who gets badges without actually defeating the gym first. How does he get free badges? Because of the power of friendship! Right… He’s been training for years and has yet to win a single Pokemon League Championship. Seriously Ash needs to step up his game.

#3 Yukiteru Amano (Future Diary)

Yuki has a powerful Future Diary and with the help of his crazy strong girlfriend Yuno he stands a pretty good chance of winning the game. But Yuno has to bail him out of every situation as he keeps trying to help others and fulfill his noble needs. He acts like a pouting child and forces those around him to save him. Honestly, he would be the first to die if it wasn’t for Yuno.

#5 Kazuya Aoi ( Freezing)

He has a  freezing ability and he can freeze countless amounts of people, but he doesn’t use it. USELESS!

#6 Akihisa Yoshi (Baka and Test)

Akihisa has caught the attention of all the women around him but remains completely oblivious to it. He even has the love for the school’s idol, the cute trap, Hideyoshi Kinoshita. But stays blind to it all throughout the series. When a girl confessed her feelings, Akihisa would refuse to accept them. He’s just and Idiot, and useless at that.

#7 Excalibur (Soul Eater)

Excalibur is supposed to be the most legendary and powerful weapon of all time, but in Soul Eater he is just another useless character. He was once one of the powerful partners of Lord Death, but no one uses him. Why? because he is just so damn annoying! Probably the most annoying character of all time. He is so full of himself and so obnoxious, that it’s no wonder none wants to use him, and that makes him useless, by definition.

#8 Alois Trancy ( Black Butler)

Alois Trancy  is wicked and cruel, but nothing beats the fact that he is a big whiner. He signed a contract with the demon Claude Faustus, but we couldn’t wait for the moment when Claude got rid of Alois. All Alois really did was whine about wanting Ciel. He was really just a useless character in the anime, who barely advanced the story, and was just a big waste of time.


#9 Yamcha (Dragon Ball Z)

Image result for yamcha gif

With such incredibly strong characters in DBZ, some are bound to be more useful than other. It’s hard to pick just one, but by far the most useless one is Yamcha. All he ever managed to do is kill one Saibamen, and even then he sill dies every time he gets into a fight. He doesn’t even last 3 seconds, and he’s never the first one to sacrifice himself, unlike Krillin, or Tien. Even poor little Chiaotzu had the courage to blow himself up in a desperate attempt to save his friends. Yamcha just stands there and looks shocked for 24 episodes in a row.

Who do you think is the most useless male anime character of all time? Let us know in the comments below!