5 Best Hatsune Miku Songs

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The one and only diva that we all adore. And she’s not even human! Nevertheless, that didn’t stop us from becoming her fans and loving her songs. Despite everything, she is still considered a real artist when it comes to music and her voice, even though it’s a computer’s voice. Here are 5 of her best songs picked out by us for you!

#1 The World Is Mine

This is one of the first songs that pops up when searching for Hatsune Miku on Google.  There’s not really much to say about it, except how wonderful the song is. It captured the hearts of many people in the world and the reason why a lot of people became her fans. Even without understanding the lyrics, the feelings she conveys are strong and leave a big impact.

#2 Levan Polkka

This is really a must learn for every Hatsune Miku fan. The song may not be anything special, but the fact that it’s so hard to sing makes it special. Especially in Miku’s case, since she sing very fast. Just try to sing along or find a karaoke version. You will get addicted sooner than you think!


#3 Albino

Another masterpiece by Miku. The beat and music are very addicting. Not to mention the lyrics which are really great. This is a song that you will most likely keep on loop. Too bad you can’t get tired of it very easily.

 #4 Rolling Girl

A great song followed by a great PV. The video really makes you wonder about certain things. That is also one of the great things about Miku’s songs. Everything has its meaning. If you follow the lyrics and video closely you will come to understand some things.

#5 Unravel – Cover Version

A special place hold of course the many cover song that were made using her voice. But, since there are a lot of them, I just took this one as an example, since it is one of the better known and more popular ones, especially among Tokyo Ghoul fans.