5 Facts about Goku

Son Goku, also known as Kakarot, is the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball series created by Akira Toriyama. This character with spiky black hair and ability to eat anything was and still is a huge part of our lives. Goku’s cheerful and energetic personality combined with his love for already mentioned food and competition made him lovable and popular all around the world. Almost everyone knows Goku but there are just a few of those who know these facts I managed to find about him.


#5 Goku is based on the main protagonist in the Chinese Legend Journey to the West.

The name of that protagonist is Sun Wukong and Goku’s name and character development were based on that him. Son Goku is a Buddhist name that means “The Child Aware of Emptiness” or “Grandson that Perceives Air”. In Chinese and Japanese: 孫悟空; Sūn means “grandchild” in both languages and implies Goku’s origin as a monkey, and Wùkōng means “Aware of Emptiness”). The Wu syllable means “Enlightenment”, and the Kong syllable means “Sky, Air or Emptiness”. Sun (孫) is also a common Chinese surname. From there, the name Son Goku is simply the name Sun Wukong converted into the Japanese on’yomi reading, albeit even with the same exact Asian characters used between both “Wukongs/Gokus” (孫 悟空), due to the similar writing systems both Chinese and Japanese happen to share with hanzi/kanji.





#4 Goku’s birth name is a pun on a vegetable.

I already mentioned that his birth name is Kakarot but did you know that that name is a pun on “carrot”? Similarly to Goku, other pure-blooded Saiyanas, who appear in the series, are named using vegetable-related puns. Goku’s family are all named after root vegetables (burdock, negi, radish, and carrot). Comically, Goku confessed that he hates carrots.


Резултат слика за kakarot carrot

Goku portrayed as a carrot.



#3 Goku has more than one voice actor in FUNimation dub version of Dragon Ball series.

What makes this fact more interesting is that in the original Japanese anime version, Goku is voiced by the same voice actress throughout the series and her name is Masako Nozawa. What’s more, Masako Nozawa voices every biological male relative of Goku (Raditz not included). However, in the FUNimation dub, Goku has been played by four actors, three as a child and only one for adult Goku.


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Masako Nozawa.



#2 Goku is Akira Toriyama’s favorite character

In an interview with Shonen Jump in 1995, Akira Toriyama stated that Goku is his favorite character from the series. Later on, Toriyama also included Piccolo and Tien.






#1 Goku has his own giant statue displayed in the World Martial Arts Tournament stadium.

During Goku’s teenager days, he became a famous celebrity on Earth after defeating King Piccolo and later on Piccolo Jr. However, after Androids Saga, Goku’s popularity faded away and he was replaced by Mr. Satan. Even though Goku was always satisfied with how things ended up, with him and his family living a quiet life away from public’s eye, his popularity rose up again after the defeat of the Shadow Dragons and one hundred years post-hence, people of Earth honored him with a giant statue displayed in Goku’s honor as it is shown near the end of Dragon Ball GT.


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