5 Amazing J-dramas based on Manga


List by Urara

When an anime or manga gets a live-action version, sometimes you can get sorely disappointed. And sometimes you can get pleasantly surprised. Here are some really well done Japanese dramas based on manga:


Switch Girl

Switch Girl is a romantic slapstick comedy manga by Natsumi Aida. The main character is a popular girl who seems perfect in every way, but at home she transforms into a completely different person. The drama starts when a cute boy with his own secret finds out hers. The live action drama is just as over the top and hilarious like the original manga. Usually over-the-top reactions in live action seem tacky, but somehow in this drama it works.

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Liar Game

Liar Game is a suspense manga by Shinobu Kaitani about a girl that gets involved in a dangerous game that could put her in a lot of debt. However she befriends a conman who can possibly help her. The drama has beautiful sets and lighting that really help add to the suspense included in the plot.

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Gokusen is a manga by Kozueko Morimoto about a public school math teacher whose family is actually part of the yakuza.The story follows her and her delinquent students as they get into trouble together. There’s an anime too, but to be honest I found it sort of bland. I would actually recommend the drama over the anime. It’s an older drama, but still enjoyable.

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Seigi no Mikata

Seigi no Mikata is a manga by Hijiri Chiaki about two sisters. The older sister is pure evil. She loves to bully people. Yet somehow everything she does, somehow makes people’s lives better. Only her little sister knows her true nature. Both the manga and the drama, are really good.

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Nobunaga Concerto

Nobunaga Concerto is a historical drama with time traveling by Ayumi Ishii. It can’t get more epic than that right? Saburou is a boy who looks exactly like Nobunaga, the famous figure from Japanese history. Somehow Saburou ends up switching with Nobunaga, and has to live the life of a man who will change history. There’s an anime, but I enjoyed the drama way more. The cinematography was very beautiful.

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