In Another World With my Smartphone – Anime Review

Back in March, Isekai wa Smartphone to tomo ni aka In Another World With my Smartphone was announced as a summer anime, and like the isekai trash I am, I was super excited.  Now that the summer season of anime is pretty much over and I’ve watched all twelve episodes, I can tell you that I absolutely loved it.  But before we get into the nitty gritty details, let’s review the main premise.

High school student Touya Mochizuki is accidentally killed by God.  And, unsurprisingly, his destiny is to be reincarnated in some parallel fantasy world.  But because his death was an accident, God promises to grant him one wish.  So, Touya asks to keep his smartphone with him in the new world.  Luckily, he doesn’t need to worry about charging it, because magic will take care of that.  Anyway, what happens from that point on is a pretty standard chain of events in anime.  He meets a lot of people, makes friends, and gathers comrades.  In other words, he amasses a harem.  He was also given magic powers by God, which brings us to our first main point.


The main character is so OP it’s ridiculously hilarious

In this fantasy world, there are seven different categories of magic one might have an aptitude in.  It’s extremely rare to be compatible with more than two elements, but of course, Touya is compatible with them all.  Plus, he has an insane mana pool.  In fact, there is literally no magic he cannot use.  Null-type magic is supposed to extremely personal, such that only one person is able to use each type of it.  However, Touya can use every Null-type magic he comes across.

Normally, this sort of OP main character might annoy me, but Isekai Smartphone is an unapologetically, over-the-top, stereotypical isekai series.  And for that, I love it.  One of the reasons I love it is that ever cliché aspect is executed very well, usually with humor.  For example, there is a Null-type magic called “Slip” which is literally self-explanatory.  And there’s multiple fights where Touya beats his opponent simply by making the slip and fall repeatedly.  It’s hilarious.

The storyline itself is also pretty predictable

However, it was so much fun to watch that I didn’t even care.  For me, this show might be cliché, but clichés can be fun as long as they’re executed well.  So, how does this show do that?

For one, the would-be harem characters are introduced to us pretty much one at a time.  The exception to this are the twins.  I can’t tell you how many harem-type anime I’ve watched in which four or five prospective girlfriends are thrown at us in just the first episode. Then, they keep on adding new love interests as the series continues.  And I just can’t keep them straight.  That’s not an issue in Isekai Smartphone.  Even better, the girls have different enough personalities that they don’t all blur together.

Another thing is that this show is fast-paced.  You usually get through two or three major plot points in a single episode.  That’s a good thing for this show.  There’s no need for pointless filler or drawn-out storylines here.  Each little story arc is given as much time as needed for it to be successful and complete but no more.  So, you can enjoy the hijinks without feeling like it’s taking too long for the story to actually go anywhere.


The animation quality definitely could’ve been better

Don’t get me wrong, for the most part, it’s perfectly fine.  Everyday motions like walking around and swimming are animated well-enough, and the magic animation is actually pretty good.  Best of all are the adorably animated chibi-fied monsters and walking teddy bear.  Unfortunately, the same really cannot be said for the fighting and action scenes.  You need to look no further than the opening to see how choppy and awkward they are.  As someone who really enjoys a good fight scene, almost every fight scene left me filling unfulfilled.

Character Design

Art-wise: Super adorable

Literally, every single character is just that cute.  It’s all very shoujo-stylized, and there isn’t a single ugly character in the entire series.  Even the super buff or super old guys are cute, ruined by their shoujo faces and, in some cases, cat ears.

Personality wise: Super cliché

Touya, our main character, is kind to everyone, indecisive, easily swayed, and submissive to the girls even though he’s like the strongest person in existence.  Elze and Linze, our twins, are adventurers!  Elze loves physical fights, and her magic is primarily used to up her physical strength.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, Linze is very good at various types at magic, is pretty book smart, and makes a great teacher.  Yae, who looks like a softer, more modern version of Sakura Shinguji, is your basic samurai girl.  Although, she’s got the added bonuses of being clumsy and eating waaaay to much.  And last but not least of the main characters, we have Yumina, who is your basic confident and assertive yet kind and sensitive princess.

Again, it’s full of clichés, but they’re all very cute in their own way. It’s also another amazing example of how unapologetically stereotypical this isekai anime is.  And in end, the clichéd personalities really did help me keep track of all the different characters.  Especially since there is such a huge supporting cast.

One more thing, the harem building is downright hilarious

Touya has girls falling in love with him left and right for this entire series, but he has no clue until like the last two episodes.  The only girl he notices likes him is Yumina.  But that’s only because she declares her intention to marry him.  Out loud.  In front of him.  With her parents watching.  Moreso, she’s the one who essentially build the harem.  She notices the other girls fall in love and encourages them to confess.  Heck, she outright tells Touya she won’t complain even if he has ten or twenty wives.  She goes around telling people he’s her future husband even when he’s only agreed to think about it.  But, you know, Yumina is absolutely confident he’ll fall in love with her (and the other girls, too, of course).  Best part of all, she’s all of twelve years old.


All in all, I really enjoyed Isekai Smartphone, and it was easily one of my favorite series of all the summer anime.  It was never going to be some great anime masterpiece, but it was an amazingly fun way to spend 25 minutes each week.  Especially after watching Classroom of the Elite, which is beyond epic but actually quite serious.  Anyway if you haven’t watched it yet, I highly, highly recommend In Another World with my Smartphone.