8 Animes To Watch With Your Parents

After years of bugging your parents, one or both have finally agreed to watch some anime with you. Now all you need to do is pick an anime, I am here to help. I will try to have varying genres so there is something for everyone.

8.  Toradora!

This is probably one of the most well-known romance animes, so if you decide on a romance I would suggest starting here as it actually very cute and fun in my opinion. It has a funny and heartfelt story.








7.  Gurren Lagann

I am not a lover of mecha animes but boy oh boy did I love this one, I probably did watch this with my parents. It ha a fantastic story, good action, and it made me cry.

6. Haikyu!!

I don’t really love sports in general so I never thought I would enjoy a sports anime this much. It was funny, it was heartfelt, and was actually about sports. I was surprised

5. Fairy Tail.

Now here’s one I can really get behind 100%. It has great adventure, magic, action, and was funny. But it was also serious.

4. Fullmetal Alchemist/ Brotherhood

I put /Brotherhood because both are great starting anime, but it should be mentioned that Brotherhood more closely follows the manga and is longer. But both follow the Elric brothers on their mission to regain their lost bodies. Lots of action and adventure.

3. Hanamaru Kindergarten

When I found this I thought I stumbled across a secret candy store with how sweet this was. It’s about a little girl with a crush on her kindergarten teacher. If your parents don’t have cavities by the end they weren’t watching.

2. My Hero Academia

This is a really awesome underdog series, with lots of action and superheroes. lovely art style, awesome story that could keep any parent entertained.

  1. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

If your parent like surprises this is the anime to watch with them. despite its looks, this show can get dark quick.

Keep your parents show preferences in mind when picking an anime to watch with them, you don’t want them to hate anime do you?

What anime do you think your parents would like to tell me in the comments.