Many Happy Returns! 5 Anime That Are Coming Back In 2018

We aren’t just getting a lot of great new anime series in 2018, but a lot of old favourites are set to continue in the New Year too. Be it a second season, a spin off or a new instalment here are five anime that are returning in 2018.

Overlord 2

2015s popular isekai anime about a top rank player stuck in a video game after it gets shut down is coming back for another round in 2018. There’ll be more from Momonga and his OP antics in Yggdrasil.


One Punch Man

After being a big hit (no pun intended) back in 2015, One Punch Man will be getting a new season next year. Even with Madhouse no longer producing it, J C Staff will hopefully do just as good of a job. Will Saitama actually gain some recognition for his abilities this time?

Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card

This shoujo gem is returning with a new story as the sequel manga is being adapted. Sakura is now 14 and attending high school, but after a mysterious figure appears to her in a dream her cards are turned blank and she must discover why.

Steins;Gate 0

The alternate ending to the Steins;Gate visual novel is getting an anime adaptation. The original time travel thriller series about self-proclaimed mad scientist Okabe and his associates aired in 2011 and became popular with fans. Kadokawa announced the new series as part of their ‘Steins;Gate World Line 2017-2018 Project.’

Fate/Extra Last Encore

Yet another spin-off instalment to the Fate franchise! Hakuno wakes up finding himself in a virtual world, and is being forced to fight for his life in a war for the ability to have any wish granted. With only one ‘Servant’ to help him he must not only survive, but discover who he is.