RPG Horror Games to Play

This list will feature RPG Horror games that take on an anime art style and have stories that will leave you on the edge of your seat in both fear and suspense!


1.) Mogeko Castle

Kurai Yonako is a sophomore in high school getting ready to return home by train as she is excited that her older brother will be coming home for a visit. Falling asleep on the train ride, she wakes up and finds herself in an unfamiliar place where she encounters beings called Mogekos, little creatures that are obsessed with young girls and prosciutto. Despite the silly sounding story, this game does feature some blood and violence, so proceed with caution and don’t let those cute faces fool you!




2.) The Sandman

Now this title is labeled as a Fantasy RPG game but I feel it also fits into this list as the game has an atmosphere that leaves you constantly on your feet and features some gameplay moments where you can’t help jump in your seat. You are Sophie, a young girl that suffers from insomnia and finds that everyone has fallen into a deep sleep except herself. She soon finds that the Sandman, the being that controls sleep, has decided to put everyone to sleep forever, leaving her as the only person capable of preventing that. 




3.) Misao

Three months after fellow classmate Misao has been missing, Aki wakes up in another dimension after experiencing an earthquake that takes her and her classmate there. The other classmates blame Misao on what has happened as they believe her to be dead and emitting a curse on the place. Aki now must set out to gather Misao’s body in order to break the curse on the place. The game in itself is eerie but do be warned that the game and dialogue touches on some heavy topics such as abuse and death. 




4.) Ib

Ib is a young girl that goes on an ordinary visit to the art gallery with her parents, but what starts as a normal walk across a hall of art paintings soon turns into a nightmare as Ib finds herself alone in a new place. In a place where paintings come to life, Ib must find a way out of this place through a series of exploration and puzzle sequences as she and some friends along the way try to find a way out of the nightmare. 




5.) The Crooked Man

A single man with a troubled personality, David Hoover has moved into a new apartment where he notices that something isn’t quite right about his new apartment. Finding letters in his seemingly haunted place, he follows a lead to a town where he soon finds himself encountering the Crooked man, a being with a terribly crooked neck that cannot speak and during your journey you will come across characters that have similar problems to David, giving the story line an eerie feel as it seems not everything is exactly a coincidence in David’s life.