Truly Legendary: 4 Pokémon Based On World Myths

From an electric mouse to an emerald dragon-serpent, the world of Pokémon is brimming with interesting and vibrant creatures. As we’ve already covered, many are based on Japanese myths and folklore. But it doesn’t stop there, as here are five more Pokémon based on mythical creatures from around the world.

Sableye- Hopkinsville Goblins  

Being a dark-ghost type, it’s not surprising that this little guy is based on a pretty creepy myth. Back in 1955 the town of Hopkinsville, Kentucky was awash with reported sightings of gremlin-like creatures that were characterised by their big glowing eyes and pointed ears. One family even claimed to have been defending their farmhouse from these creatures for five hours!

Lunala – Camazotz

The legendary Lunala from Pokémon Moon might draw inspiration from the Mayan Camazotz. Meaning “Death Bat” this demon is heavily associated with the night and sacrifice, and is sometimes connected with other Mayan gods. Some depictions of Camazotz show moon symbols on his wings, not unlike the crescent motifs found on Lunala.


Golurk – Golem of Prague

It’s pretty clear that Golurk is based on a golem, a creature from Jewish folklore. However, there is one specific myth that Golurk draws resemblance to. The Golem of Prague was brought to life by Rabbi Loew to protect the Jewish people living in the slums of Prague. However it eventually turned violent and had to be destroyed again. Depictions of this golem often show a gash in its chest being held together with a metal belt… just like Golurk.

Absol – Bai Ze

Appearing to warn strangers of upcoming disasters, the Absol is very much like the Chinese Bai Ze. A creature with white fur, three eyes and horns. When appearing in Japanese myth this creature was said to have appeared on Mount Toteyama, similar to the mountain home of the Absol. The Bai Ze was also fabled to have a broad knowledge of many other mythical creatures, so it could probably remember all 800+ Pokémon too.