“Ultimate Survivor Kaiji” Anime Review

Animated from part one of the manga series, Ultimate Survivor Kaiji follows the miserable life of Kaiji, man living a life he is all too aware of being unsatisfying, often times leading him to bursting into fits of sobs. Living a life of drinking and gambling, Kaiji is later approached by Endo, debt collector that informs Kaiji he has now become responsible for an outstanding debt after he co-signed for a friend of his. 

After some coaxing and realizing he had no real choice if he wished to rid himself of the debt, Kaiji is sent to a secret gambling extravaganza on a ship where he, along with other poor fools riddled with debt, have the opportunity to pay off their debt, with, you guessed it, a nice game of rock, paper, scissors.  (CLICK NEXT TO CONTINUE READING)