Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Arc Episode 1 Review

Spoilers Ahead for both Episode 1 of Clear Card Arc and the first Cardcaptor Series

20 years after the original anime started airing, we have finally been blessed with an all new Cardcaptor Sakura series!  Picking up right where the original series left off, the first episode of the Clear Card Arc came out just a few days ago on January 7th.  We’ve got our beloved Sakura, Syaoran, Kero, Tomoyo, and all their friends back on screen.  So, how does it measure up to the original series?  Well, it was exactly what I’d hoped for.

What was Cardcaptor Sakura known for?  It’s defining characteristics if you will?  Cavity-inducing cuteness and lots of it!  All the fluff! Of the clothing kind in the form of every outfit Tomoyo ever put her in.  And of the romantic kind in the form of every relationship depicted in the series.  Tons of humor, often resulting from Sakura and Syaoran’s innocence and adorableness.  Not to mention, there’s always just a hint of seriousness and a dash of action.  The first episode of Clear Card Arc followed this formula perfectly.

The episode starts with a slightly ominous narration and then jumps straight into Sakura getting ready for school before running down the stairs, only to get in another fight with her brother where he affectionately calls her a monster.  And then, in true Sakura fashion, she heads to school, walking under a canopy of cherry blossoms.

Of course, there’s a reunion with all our favorite characters.  Tomoyo, who still loves making movies and clothes.  Chiharu and her sweets-making.  Yamazaki and his tall tales.  And best of all, Syaoran is back from Hong Kong, ready to be adorable with Sakura and to be tricked by Yamazaki.  Of course, Tomoyo just has to get “Sakura at her most cute” by filming her interactions with Syaoran.

So, basically, the first half of the episode is filled with that fluff we love.  With that cuteness we adore.  And just when you think you can’t handle all the cuteness, you get hit with some more!  Because Sakura is just that darling after all.  Nevertheless, as you continue watching, we move into the more serious aspects of the show and BAM! the plot happens.

About halfway through the episode, Sakura starts getting some prophetic dreams, and the new crisis is revealed.  All the Sakura cards are now completely transparent!  Also, Sakura’s key has transformed.  No one has any idea what’s going on, but then, a strange magic starts running amok.  And Sakura once again proves her affinity with the Windy (now Gale) card by instantly sealing it.

That’s where we’re left at the end of episode one.  A brand new mystery to solve.  Lots of action that Tomoyo’s sure to be filming.  An endless array of new and adorable outfits to explore as Sakura sets out on her next cardcaptor-ing adventure.  And the promise that this new series should be just as sweet and exciting as the first one.



1) Kero is still pretending to be a stuffed animal around Sakura’s family.  Although, I have no idea why.  Sakura and Kero know that Toya had magic now.  After all, he gave it to Yuki.  And they know her father knows everything, what with being Clow’s reincarnation and all.

2) The technology has been updated!  That’s right, no longer stuck with technology of the late 90’s, Sakura now has a smart phone.  And in true CLAMP style, it’s beyond adorable.