What Is ‘Pop Team Epic?’

It’s the first month of a new year, which means that the 2018 Winter anime season is upon us! Already a few series are beginning to stand out, but there’s one show that sticks out from all the others like a sore-thumb… Pop Team Epic. You’ve most likely seen the memes it’s been spawning, but what is this show about? I watched the first two episodes to find out.

This franchise began as a 4-Koma manga and finally gained an anime adaptation this year. The series follows Popuko and Pipimi, (two average high school girls) as they get up to all sorts of weird hi-jinks. Instead of keeping to any single story, each episode is a series of short skits. Many parody anime clichés or directly parody other anime series and video games, with the rest being random absurdism.

Instantly the most noticeable feature of this anime is the unique visual style. Our main two girls are drawn in an exaggerated chibi style compared to the other characters who appear. But that’s not the only way in which ‘Pop Team Epic’ plays around with its visuals. Some skits are drawn in a sloppy, sketchy fashion and there’s even a fully stop-motion animated dance number in episode two. Sometimes it ditches animation and has live-action scenes making fun of how the show is made.

Each episode is around 15 minutes long making it easy to sit down and digest for some quick laughs. There are many pleasant surprises and the humour fits in perfectly with the culture of absurdist memes online. And if that’s your sense of humour then this anime is brilliant.