Zodiac Wars Is It Worth The Watch? 3 Episode Reveiw

JUNI TAISEN, Also known as Zodiac Wars is an action, fantasy, anime that aired in the Fall of 2017. The plot is that it’s again the Twelve Tournament, a competition that is held every twelve years. Twelve warriors bearing the names of the zodiac animals must fight for their lives against each other. For the winner gets one wish for anything they desire (along with being the only one to survive).

Now the first episode mainly focuses on Inonoshishi, The Warrior of The Boar. And how she came to be apart of the Twelve Tournament.

In a city now devoid of people, Boar, heads towards a central building. As she enters the building, she reminisces about how she became the family’s contender in the Zodiac Tournament. At the top, she sees the other contenders, although one, the Snake, is already dead. Obviously killed by the Rabbit who is standing nearby with a bloody weapon.

The mysterious referee appears and tells them to swallow the gems of the tournament, containing a poison that will kill them in 12 hours. The winner must retrieve all the gems from the other competitors before the deadline. They will then receive the antidote and make any wish they desire. After he leaves, Monkey suggests that the best way would be to collaborate and for the winner to wish the others back alive, so no one has to die. While some see it as a good idea, the Boar thinks it is stupid.

The floor suddenly gives way, with the competitors dropping to the lower levels. Boar runs into Rabbit and is confident she can kill him. But she is grabbed from behind by the body of Snake which is reveled to be controlled by Rabbit, who then stabs her through the heart. As she dies, she realizes he is a necromancer and he says that she will also be his friend once she is dead

OMG. Did this episode draw me in UGH!! I loved it but now let get into the next episodes.

In the next episode, Tricks Both Mongrel and Fowl. We begin almost where we left off it shows the remaining of the twelve warriors fleeing the ruined building, including The Rabbit and his “Friends” Now after (what I thought was a hella catchy opening). We join the Monkey and the Rat as they find a place in the sewer to lay low, as they are talking we learn that the Monkey was the one that caused the floor to collapse.

After that we pan to the others for a few seconds each, until we get to the Dog. And we learn that his specialty is poisons that his body can produce. He used this to make an antidote for the poison consumed in the first episode. As he waits in what he thinks is the perfect spot for the others to kill each other, he is snuck up on by the warrior of the Chicken who gives away her hiding spot on purpose in hopes of an alliance. She tells the Dog about the Rabbit being a necromancer hoping to have help dealing with him. The Dog not feeling like fighting decides to form a fake team with her, until the Rabbit is dealt with then plans to kill her.

As the Dog and Chicken head to find the Rabbit they exchange information one the other competitors. The Dog says the one they should worry about is the Ox, who is known as the Genius of Slaughter. The Chicken asks about the Monkey and the Dog informs her that the Monkey is a pacifist who has ended many wars peacefully, and thinks that she is here to try and do the same, the Dog asks if she knows anyone to which she says just a few rumors. After there chat they learn that the Rabbit has split his group into two, sending the Boar to wander on her own, Chicken has lost sight of Rabbit and Snake saying its possible they realized she was watching.

The Dog thinking they are using the Boar as a trap, decides to give the Chicken a bit of a power boost using his secret weapon known as One Man Army. As the Chicken starts to freak out the Dog tells her to calm down and then she will control it. As she calms down she walks up to the Dog and uses the power he gave her to kill him.

Dang……………………… that’s some cold hearted betrayal.

In episode three Cutting Chicken with a Beef Cleaver. It starts with some much needed back story for Chicken, about how her first memory is of after she killed her parents. That brings us back to current events, she is talking to the deceased Dog. Telling him that she lied about not knowing anyone and how she knew him,and she was just waiting for him to give her a power up.

As she departs from the body she thanks it for giving her a leg up on the others. In a flash back Chicken revels that she was always able to control all kinds of birds, and share their sight. She became the adopted daughter of the Niwa family. And as a warrior was taught all kinds of killing and espionage techniques.

Presently she has decided to take Boar out of the tournament for good, with her skill Sky Burial. Watching her birds finish off the Boar she notes that it’s good she didn’t fight her one on one, then tells her birds to work up an appetite again for later.

Well getting food she runs into the Rat who offers to take her to Monkey, she go’s and meets Monkey who asks what is going on outside of her base. Chicken tells her that at least two have died to which Monkey states is a shame. As Chicken is about to (literally) stab Monkey in the back, she chose not to last second and just leaves the base. She blames One Man Army for making her mentally weak.

Walking farther away she runs into the Ox who asks if she is alone, she notes that he have blood on his blade and must have fought. Trying to distract him she states that she thought he wanted a team since he tried to accept Monkeys offer of a truce. He notes that because she said something about it Monkey must be nearby, when he says this Chicken enters a fighting stance ready to fight and confident in her self that she will win. Ox kills her in one blow

THE END. Just kidding it’s just the end of my review, please watch the rest . As this show is awesome and I would love to hear what you think about it in the comments.