Anime Los Angeles 2018 First Time Attendee Review

Being an avid reader of manga and viewer of anime, I couldn’t believe my luck when I learned of Anime Los Angeles coming to the conveniently close Ontario Convention Center for the first time in its fourteen years of existence. I’d never heard of this event, and having only been a two-time attendee of Anime Expo and first-time at Comic Con, so it was exciting to have an event so close to home and be something fairly new to me and my two brothers. 

Getting dropped off at the convention center, my brothers and I were immediately excited to see people in their amazing bought or homemade cosplay, nerdy t-shirts, or simply dawning a smile of giddiness. The line was a fair amount by seven in the morning and by nine the line began its shift through security. There was a bit of a kerfuffle over separating pre-order badges and those buying them at the door, but the event was surprisingly quick to fix that and had us in two lines and through the door within the next hour. 

Being on a bit of a time crunch, I unfortunately didn’t have the time to attend certain events and competitions, but the experience of walking through booths and seeing people was an unforgettable one. Your friendly neighborhood Akibento was also a booth and had the awesome experience of seeing all the attendees in costume as well as the chance to meet some friendly faces. 

The event was definitely a success and will absolutely be something I will look forward to ever year.

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