Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! from a Non-Romantic Viewer

Smell that love in the air? No? Neither do I, but, I did decide that I might as well take the Valentine’ Day atmosphere people are giving to check out some romance anime titles. I tend to stay away from these titles, as I honestly find romance anime cringy and unbearable to sit through at times. Maid-Sama! was a cringy romance anime that shockingly left me wanting more of this hidden gem. 

Strong independent student class president, Misaki Ayuzawa is bent on turning this once all-boys school into a co-educational environment that isn’t infested with hormones. With a current standing of the males outnumbering the female students, Misaki has the tough role of looking out for the female students as well as keep the males in check when they find themselves rowdy. Usui Takami is the silent type that is known to turn down girls with no sense of remorse, which angers Misaki to no end. Usui clearly finds her charming and makes it no secret that he sees something in her that makes him wish to be a part of her life. But the ever so stubborn Misaki sees him as a player and refuses to fall for any of his shenanigans. She gives him no attention until he discovers her deep dark secret, she works in a maid cafe.

I genuinely found myself cringing at some of these scenes, but for some reason I wanted more! Usui is a charming young man with a dark past and is honestly an anime male character that can be added to your list of boyfriend goals. Misaki’s life at home has hardened her to be the best she can be, and her secret of the maid cafe makes her all the more determined to make a better life for herself and her sister and mother. The characters around these two are just as amazing as the story and makes me consider giving other romance titles a shot. The ending has one of the most satisfying boy gets girl ending in which the two share such a beautiful exchange of emotion followed by a romantic kiss with fireworks in the background. 

I absolutely recommend this title to you romance fans and if you aren’t a fan of it, I’d still recommend it for its great character development and beautiful pace of story. 

What do you think of this anime?