Why You Should Watch Haikyuu!!

Volleyball may not be your cup of tea but you may change your mind when you watch Haikyuu, an anime show about volleyball based on the manga series by Haruichi Furudate.

Haikyuu tells the story of an underdog team slowly rising to the top through hard work and perseverance. Like all good sports anime shows, it does so with flair and confidence, and pretty soon, you find yourself invested in the story and cheering the characters on.

The ongoing manga series has spawned three anime series adaptations, a couple of OVAs, a stage play adaptation, and plenty of merchandise.

If you haven’t watched Haikyuu yet, read on to learn why you should put this show on top of your watch-list:

Animation and Action

One of the wonderful things about Haikyuu is the quality of its animation. As a sports anime, it deals with a lot of movement, and this show definitely carries off its actions sequences well. The attention to detail is evident, from the character designs to the volleyball movements on court.

High points on this anime are the volleyball matches – they’re definitely our top must-watch moments in the show.

The Cast of Characters

Haikyuu!! follows the boys of the Karasuno Volleyball Team through their ups and downs. Hinata and company are a large cast by themselves, but it never feels overcrowded. Each member is given the time to shine, with their backstories explored as the team moves forward with their challenges.

Aside from Karasuno, we also get to see the different teams who challenge them at every turn. Their adversaries are never flat, either. There’s plenty of fun when Karasuno goes out to play. The dynamics between the Karasuno members as well as between Karasuno and its opponents are a delight to watch. As the show progresses with each new season, we see all these characters grow and become better individuals and team players.

Anime? Manga? Stage Play? Choose your Poison!

As stated earlier, Haikyuu!! has anime adaptation, an ongoing manga serialization, and a stage play under its belt. You can choose the medium that you like best, or indulge in all of it.

Also, considering that the first three anime series have been completed, you can easily catch up with Haikyuu!! in a matter of days of binge-watching. The manga is also updated regularly with new chapters, so you can head on over in that direction if you’re feeling the need for more Karasuno after you finish the anime.

Slices of Humor

In Haikyuu!!, volleyball is serious business. Everything about it is hyped up and intense – the matches, the practice sessions, the friendly games.

However, Haikyuu!! has plenty of light-hearted moments to break the ice. The show itself has a sense of humor, and it knows when to utilize it. Comedy abounds aplenty in Haikyuu!! with comic characters, slapstick humor, and running gags. Even their commercial breaks are creative and fun.

The Opening and Ending Songs

Haikyuu’s opening and ending songs make sure that you’ll always begin and end with a bang. Their songs are catchy and upbeat, not to mention, super peppy to ensure that you’ll be in the mood for some challenge and competition.


It’s Always Inspiring

No matter what team or which character you’re rooting for, the stories that make Haikyuu!! is about having a dream and chasing after it with all your heart. The Karasuno Volleyball Team is not a perfect team but in the end, they have one goal, and they are all in it together.

Can you say, one team?! Fight!