The Irregular at Magic High School: Three-Episode Review

Set in an alternative history where magic exists, society has become divided with magicians determined by genetics. In the plot we have Tatsuya Shiba, a first year student that is categorized under the unfavored student population. Aware of his inabilities, Shiba makes up for it through martial arts and the ability to read attacks. This makes him a target for both good and bad reasons. 

Tatsuya’s sister, Miyuki, is considered magically gifted and is placed into the advanced category. Despite her peers despising the non-advanced magic users, she cares only for her brother rather than his title. I was curious to see how the topic of magic would be handled with it being so in along with the supernatural. Surprisingly, the show looks at magic as a science, which is unique and something I’ve enjoyed so far. The show clues you in on everything so it’s pretty hard to lose sense of how the world functions here. 

 These first three episodes act more an introduction to the world, but still gives a great spectrum of characters. You learn that this isn’t your typical magic school and these students are a reflection of the way society views magic. I do wish magic is touched on further but this anime focuses on Tatsuya’s internal and external struggles. It’s only been three episodes so I dearly hope we learn more about everyone’s abilities. Magic is a science and Tatsuya has seemed to find away around his lack of advanced abilities to still be considered great. 

Throughout the series, Tatsuya makes it clear he does what he does only to protect his younger sister. I found it very touching at first but honestly the way the two interact is a bit cringe-worthy. They act like a married couple and nobody’s shy of letting them know this. The two siblings often play along acting like they are lovers and then play it off as a joke. But it just makes me internally scream every time Miyuki acts like a scorned lover whenever her brother interacts with other girls. I think their relationship is important in pointing out the flaws of labeling these magic users, but it might be a bit too much for me. 

The show has so far proven to be a good watch and is something I will definitely finish. The first three episodes leave me with a lot of questions and I hope to continue seeing these characters develop throughout the show. Aside from the strange brother sister relationship going on, the relationship of every character is important to the show. The art is beautiful and the way magic is expressed as something from the body makes the visuals amazing. 

If you are looking for a magic themed anime with great character development, then this show is a complete recommend.