Murcielago Manga Review

Warning: Contains violence and sexual content!


Having a dark history with a death count of over 700 since she was a child, Koumori Kuroko has now become a hitwoman. She works for the police force, used for the more extreme cases. And despite being a willing hitwoman, there is still that past of hers that puts those around her at a distance. This action packed manga with an extreme sense of dark humor is one you won’t be able to put down. 

This manga had me on the edge of my seat of every page and didn’t fail to leave me full of surprises. Kuroko is our main character and yet as reader you can’t help me wary of her. She saves the day but by the end of it she doesn’t care who get killed off unless it interferes with her job. The cops in charge of her also don’t trust and aren’t afraid of letting her know it. Kuroko may seem silly, especially when it comes to women, but even in the darkest of moments she will continue that humor, making the scene even eerier. Tozakura Hinako, her partner in action, is the perfect balance that keeps Kuroko from being too frightening to follow. 

Kuroko loves women. One of the few things to distract her is a beautiful young woman. So if graphic lesbian scenes are not your thing then this manga is likely not for you. The womanizer aspect of Kuroko is interesting in that she has no relationship interest and treats women as these sexual objects. She can easily charm women and never fails to have a line of young women happy to see her. When Kuroko isn’t off killing a killer then she’s working hard to woo a young woman. 

As far as the art goes, it doesn’t fail to create an atmosphere. There are few colored pages that introduce scenes and then the panels play with the background. Kuroko in particular is often seen with her neck crooked, giving her a very demonic look. It contradicts with how cute and innocent many of the characters look. Much work is clearly put into the art and you can’t help but appreciate the results. 

If blood, gore, and graphic sex scenes are not something to keep you from enjoying a good story, then i absolutely recommend this manga title.