Ex-‘Kemono Friends’ Director Working On New Educational Show

TATSUKI and his three-person team Irodori are back to animating after the controversial firing from Kemono Friends. After their first short anime Keifuku-san was a success they are now working on the character design and animation for a new educational kids TV show for NHK Education.

The team have designed the character Funfun and have worked on the animation for the little mascot too. The show, Yoroshiku! Funfun stars three aliens wanting to learn more about Japan and Funfun serves as their guide. The show is designed to teach social studies at a 4th grade level. The show will begin it’s run on Wednesday, airing a new 10 minute segment every week at 9:20am. 


Along with this project, TASUKI / Irodori will be working on a new anime “Hentatsu,” although little details are known about this project yet.