A Beginner’s Guide To Anime Figurines

A popular hobby among anime fans is collecting anime character figurines. With so many different varieties of figure, and with so many different variations of character figure designs it’s easy to amass an impressive collection. For someone starting to buy figurines it’s easy to be spoilt for choice, so here’s a small guide to the types of figures available.

  1. Acrylic Stand Figures

For those on a budget these are a good starting point as they usually cost less than $10. Acrylic Stand Figures are basically 2D printed acrylic cut outs of characters. The artwork is pretty nice and you won’t need to worry too much about them getting damaged either. They also tend to be quite small so they won’t take up as much space as other figures.


  1. Funko Figures

Due to the popularity of the brand it’s easy to start a collection with Funko figures. The most noticeable product they offer are Funko Pops, but they do also have a wide range of blind-bag mini figures, action figures and other varieties of vinyl models. The choice of characters is huge too.  You can find them in most comic shops, and other places that sell pop culture merchandise.


  1. Chibi Figures

 Small figurines depicting anime characters in a simplified, cute chibi style are very popular with collectors. They often come with replaceable parts and poseable joints so they’re great to display. The most popular brands of chibi figures include CuPoche and Nendoroid, and while new figures can cost around $45 you can find them for a lot less if you shop around.


  1. Action Figures

With a big range in quality and price, poseable action figures are a common collector’s item across many franchises. From simplistic toys to fully detailed and articulated models there’s a lot to choose from. With all the options for poses too it’s easy to make fun displays with action figures. One popular brand is Figma.


  1. Prize Figures

 These are figures made to be prizes in claw-grab games that are a common staple in Japanese arcades, and many companies also sell them online too now. They’re typically made of less-breakable materials than most scale figures so they’re often cheaper too. Still, these figures are just as detailed as some of the more expensive models available and can be a great affordable alternative.

  1. Scale Figures

Easily the most iconic feature of every collection! Scale figures are perfect scale models (often 1/6 or 1/8 scale) of characters that are often beautifully detailed. These are the best option if you’re looking for the best depiction of your favourite characters, however they are also the most expensive option (some of these figures sell for over $300.) If you’re willing to splash out on a beautiful sculpture then scale figures really are worth it.

My best advice for someone looking into buying anime figures is this: find a style you like, work to your budget and make sure you have a space to display your new models. Whether you want a mini-shrine to your favourite character or you’re aiming to build up a shelf-filling collection of beautiful models there’s sure to be enough out there to satisfy you. Happy collecting!