Become A Stand-User At These Jojo-Themed Escape Room Events!

SCRAP (creators of Real Escape Game) have collaborated with AnimeExpo and Crunchyroll to bring Jojo’s Bizarre Escape: the Hotel to the US for a limited time. The attraction will allow guests to become members of Jotaro’s team, exploring the mysterious hotel and using Stand-abilities to find clues and answer puzzles. Of course, the final goal is to beat Dio but there’ll be a new unique villain to defeat too.

Dija Maker will appear in the games as an original character (as approved by Hirohiko Araki.) His Stand, The House of Holy has the power to possess buildings. But, anyone who stays in the building for over an hour will vanish so make sure you’re keeping an eye on the time!

Tickets for the AnimeExpo and Fanime dates are on sale now 

Exclusive merchandise will also be available at these events as an extra treat for fans.

Not familiar with escape room games? Here’s a teaser of what to expect: