‘The Promised Neverland’ to Become the Next Shonen Jump Anime Series

It was revealed last Monday in the 26th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump that The Promised Neverland series will be adapted into an anime. The show will air on Fuji TV starting in January 2019, and while no official staff list has been released the project will be directed by Clover Works (currently involved in Darling in the Franxx.) So far character designs for Emma, Norman and Ray have been revealed.

At Grace Field Orphanage the children live the best life they could want and are very well cared for by “mom,” but eventually they start to realize that they’re being raised for a very sinister purpose.

The series is written by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu and currently has three completed volumes. In January 2018 the series won “Best Shounen Manga” at the Shogakukan Manga Awards.