‘The Anime Supporters’ Launch New Campaign To Help Animators Profit

Since 2014 The Anime Supporters have operated as a non-profit organization with goals to help new animators get into the industry. Their main focus is to crowdfund housing for rookie animators and they will have had 35 animators supported in this way since 2018. They also offer free monthly drawing courses so new animators can improve their abilities to draw more pieces in a limited time frame, and side jobs that better fit the animators’ lifestyle.

The new campaign they’re launching will fund the production of an independent anime project that will utilise the skills of the animators they currently support, and all of the profits will go to the animators too. $20,000 is the current funding goal and a fan-created storyboard will be selected to become the final anime piece.

A big focus of the charity is to raise awareness of the wage disparity within the Japanese animation industry. At least 25% of animation studios are in debt, and animators are often paid very low wages such as 200 yen ($1.82) per drawing, which doesn’t amount to a big monthly earning. This combined with long working days leads to a lot of new young animators quitting and The Anime Supporters want to change this, with their long-term goal being to create a new anime production system that results in better profits for animators.

You can donate to their current Animator Dormitory Project here