Uma Musume Working To Help Real Life Racehorses

Cygame’s horse-girl anime Uma Musume: Pretty Derby will be coming to home video soon. The anime series and upcoming Smart Phone game feature girls based on Japanese racehorses such as Vodka and Special Week. And, now some of the profits from the sales will go to charities that help real racehorses.

The two charities that will be receiving fund from the home video sales will be: Japan Association for International Racing and Stud Books (JARIS), and Horse Community’s Thanks Horse project.

JARIS – Their mission is to spread information about horse racing locally and overseas, they also research ways to improve husbandry and help to maintain racehorse records.

Thank’s Horse Project – Helping to look after retired racehorses and retraining them as therapy horses, or to help members of the public learn how to horse ride.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby will be released on DVD 07/18/2018