Evangelion 4.0 To Finally Be Released In 2020

The final installment of the 4-part Neon Genesis Evangelion movie series (also known as the Rebuild of Evangelion series) has been tipped for release in 2020. The announcement for the film came in the form of a teaser clip that was shown along with the recent theatrical release of  Mirai of the Future. Studio Khara (Hideaki Anno’s production studio who are making the film series) are yet to officially release the teaser officially but the clip has made its way across social media through camera phone recordings.

Originally Evangelion 1.0+3.0 was planned for release in 2015 but was pushed back due to various setbacks and Anno working on multiple other projects. Khara unveiled a new  poster for the film in July last year. The movie series began in 2007 and is a blend between a retelling of the original TV series, and a different storyline with new characters and events.